Friends Helping at Home 2022 Review.

Wow, what an amazing year it has been at Friends Helping at Home! We have seen so many positive changes and accomplished so much throughout 2022, and we are so proud of everything we have achieved. From expanding our services to assisting many more people throughout Devon. We have had a lot to celebrate this year. It has been such a pleasure to have your support along the way.

Let’s look at all the great things that have happened this year.

We have expanded FHAH to offer assistance to more people!

We have been able to provide more support to our clients, including maintenance and gardening support, registering new Service Providers with incredible individual skillsets. This is truly a great accomplishment, and we are so pleased that two new branches have opened in Mid Devon and East Devon. We hope that this will help even more people in need of support, and we are excited to see the positive impact that this will have in the community.


We’ve had significant growth within our Head Office team.

As FHAH has been growing, we have had to expand and re-arrange our Head Office Team to ensure the FHAH network is still assisting with the high-quality person-centred care we provide.
We have seen Hazel Anderson join our team to take on Registration, Due Diligence and Marketing, Clare Hennessy took on the challenge of BlueSky 2020 accounts administrator and Jo Craythrone has become a Compliance and Quality Director.
We hope we can keep up the momentum and continue to build on the success of our team, ensuring that everyone is in a role in which they feel fulfilled and pleased.

Advancements in technology.

At the start of the year our new bespoke software was launched and the system went live in January, having been developed over the previous 12 months. Friends commissioned this software to streamline the calendar and invoicing process, so that service providers can focus on providing the best possible care to their clients. We believe that this software has been a great success as it has freed up more time for our service providers allowing them to focus on providing excellent care.

Assisting the Community

This year Friends Helping at Home have made sure to give back to the community, participating in events and volunteering our time to causes that are important to us.

We became a proud sponsor of Torbay Hospital radio! This amazing initiative provides comfort and entertainment to those in hospital, and we are delighted to be part of it.

Friends Helping at Home has begun organising our Spring Charity Ball, raising money for local hospices. We have also organised fun networking opportunities that raise money for Charities such as Coffee Mornings, charity Runs and sponsoring opportunities. We have also set up Friends Helping at Home Communities.


All in all, it’s been a fantastic year for Friends Helping at Home and we look forward to what the future holds! We are so proud of the positive impact that FHAH has had on our Clients, Service Providers, and the public.


Thank you for your support throughout this incredible year; we couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to an even brighter future for Friends Helping at Home!

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