Currently, there are no job openings at Friends Helping at Home. However, please keep an eye on our website, Indeed, and social media pages for future employment opportunities.

“It has been so lovely joining FHaH while it was relatively young and being able to watch it grow.  Because of this growth, my part time admin/registration role developed into a full-time position.  I didn’t want to increase my hours due to the work/life balance I had become used to, so Friends worked with me and helped me take a sideways step into the world of finance.

The support, flexibility, and warmth of everyone at FHAH is what makes it so special and I look forward to seeing what the future holds”

Clare Hennessy, Accounts Administrator

“The experience of being employed with Friends Helping at Home has been invaluable. They have not only supported me in my professional development, but they have also provided me with the confidence to believe in my own skills and abilities.”

Hazel Anderson, Head Office Administrator 

Lead the most empowered network of service providers in the South West.

Our Friends Helping at Home branch office teams are growing rapidly!

Joining us as part of an office team in an employed role is a great way to become part of the Friends Family whether you would like to move away from being a service provider or you would like to learn a whole new industry! Our head office and branch office teams are made up of individuals with a variety of professional backgrounds giving us an incredibly diverse skill set. We run all of our HR centrally, with person centred employee engagement programmes that are consistent across the network.

We offer competitive pay and flexible working as standard. We also offer great access to training and development as well as other benefits once you are settled into the family. Our roles have person centred development opportunities so whether you are looking to progress to management or business ownership or are happy in exactly the role you are in, we ensure that you are on the path that is right for you.