Looking to develop your career in care and earn your true value?

There are many great reasons to register with Friends Helping at Home –

We empower our service providers by providing them with a compliance umbrella that supports them and enables them to work                 safely and consistently to high standards.

A dedicated local contact to find the clients and broker the rates for you hours that you want

Your choice of clients

You set your own hourly rates

A local network of carers and events to support you

Many benefits of self-employment, help and guidance

A dedicated compliance team that can support you

A better work life balance with the flexibility and ability to take timeout for friends, family, holidays knowing that your clients will be           well looked after for you to return to.

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    What this means in practice –

    Good, vocational carers have the time and recognition to deliver the kind of care, we would all want for ourselves or a loved one. Both service providers and clients have choice, time to care and develop good professional relationships. Clients love our approach too, and like the continuity and flexibility as their needs and circumstances change.

    Our onboarding and registration process of self-employed carers is easy. We provide your clients the due diligence, safety and compliance for them.

    We have an exceptionally high retention rate of vocational carers and have attracted many back into the care sector where they are able to thrive and develop their careers with great rewards and recognition. Many of our carers have been with us from day one!

    To find out if this might be for you email: support@friendshelpingathome.co.uk

    Typical feedback from our registered service providers –

    “After nearly three years with friends helping at home, I can confidently say it was the best decision I’ve ever made. It granted me the flexibility to balance work and family, while gaining the invaluable support of my new Friends Helping at Home family. Additionally, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting amazing clients, making my journey with Friends even more fulfilling.”

    – Bex Dyer, Registered service provider.

    “Friends helping at home has totally changed my life, I wake up daily so grateful to finally have a job that I adore. Being there for people in the comfort of their own homes is what care really is all about. My clients and colleagues are all wonderful.”

    – Clodagh Caulfield, Registered Service Provider.

    Business Franchise Opportunities

    We offer a joint venture to work with us, if you like our ethos and working culture, we offer the potential prospect opening a branch to those with, transferable skills. You don’t need a care background.

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    Currently, there are no job openings at Friends Helping at Home. However, please keep an eye on our website, Indeed, and social media pages for future employment opportunities.