Meet Jo Craythorne
Our Compliance & Quality Director

    Jo’s Compliance and Quality Story

    I was working as a Registered Care Manager for a typical domiciliary care company. I became very despondent with the way that care companies were running and as a result, I was working long hours and in a very stressful environment.

    When I relocated to Plymouth, I decided to have a career change as I didn’t want a job that took so much from me again and was looking for other opportunities but then I came across FHAH and their franchises. I was dubious because it was a care company again but FHAH sounded different, so I thought that I had nothing to lose by applying for the role.

    The next day, I received a phone call from FHAH and within weeks I had a couple of interviews and accepted a job as a Branch Manager! You might think that I stepped straight back to where I was previously but ‘No’. This company seemed different, but the proof was in the pudding.


    After 2 years, I am still with FHAH and love my job and going to work each day; something that I never thought I would say.

    FHAH is revolutionary in the way that they work and it makes for a very happy workforce whether it is the CEO, a Branch Director, Admin Assistant or a self-employed service provider. Yes, we register self-employed service providers and they choose their clients! This reduces the workload for the branch which means that we don’t need to report into an office each day and so I can work from home.


    After 2 years of running the branch, I was promoted to Compliance and Quality Director for Head Office because I am in this for the long haul. This company has made such a difference to my life that I want to pay them back and give them the rest of my working life.

    I enjoy going to work. I love working from home. I flex my hours around my personal commitments. I work in a role that I excel at without there being a personal cost to me but ultimately, I am still providing care to people that need it in their homes.

    Thank you FHAH for the last 2 years and I look forward to a long and happy rest of my working life with you.


    Quality care in Devon

    Why choose Friends Helping at Home?

    “Stay well at home”

    As an introductory agency, we ensure that our customers are able to arrange the best care and support that’s needed.

    We have developed a Quality Assurance system and audit to ensure that our way of working mirrors Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards as well as providing training benchmarks against Skills for Care that ensures that the care professionals registered with us are well trained as well as experienced in providing safe care.

    Our audit ensures

    Good care is safely provided.

    Before we introduce a care professional to a customer we check the following: a DBS police check; take up written and oral references from past employers and professional referees; evidence training, skills and ability.

    Our branches provide excellent customer service, helping to clarify care and support requirements.

    Our branch manager works with and liaises with community health workers, adult social care and NHS teams.

    Our culture encourages feedback and we are keen to have made a good match in introducing the right care professionals at the right time to every customer.

    Our care professionals know how to be vigilant. Whether it’s noticing hazards in the home such as getting a defective light bulb replaced or acting upon food waste; all the way through to identifying significant changes in requirements and providing the appropriate feedback to a family member or social worker.

    We want every customer to feel well cared for.

    We seek to provide unrushed visits and always recommend a minimum of an hour for each visit.

    Our care professionals are pleased to help around the home as part of a visit, such as washing and cleaning and have time for companionship.

    Our network is there for everyone so that a customer or family member (or social worker).

    Our network will assist in the discussion surrounding care and support needs required and any concerns or compliments.


    Our network has an established culture of person centered, ethical and accountable behaviour where every member is a brand ambassador.

    We provide the help and support for each Branch to be able to respond to our Service Providers and their clients’ needs through a rigorous programme of quality assurances delivered by Jo and her team across the calendar year.