What does Compliance mean to us?

On a blustery Monday, I met Jo our Compliance and Quality manager via teams as storm Eunice raged in the background. Safe and compliant working is the ultimate tool for creating freedom and flexibility for clients and service providers alike. It is Jo’s passion. She has spent the last 16 months developing compliance and quality measures for Friends Helping at Home.


We asked Jo –

Compliance is a complex concept, mostly focused on safety. What does it mean to you?

“Compliance is about ensuring that all of the branches follow our standards and procedures according to the unique FHAH model and therefore making everything transparent, meaning if they need support in any way and they are following the model, then we can fully support them.

Being Compliance and Quality Manager means that I can make a difference to so many where they would normally be without support from the customer all the way through to the Branch Director.

I really enjoy sharing this model (the Friends Helping at Home way) as it is an inspirational means of working and delivering what’s needed in the care industry today.”


We’ve made a significant investment in systems and compliance to ensure that we have quality assurance across the company in every aspect, so that our customers are able to source the type of care and support that they want safely.

We want every customer to have the excellence and high standards of care and support that we would want for ourselves or a loved one.

This means that: every customer is introduced to carers or service providers, so that they have choice and continuity of carers that they know. Every carer or service provider knows what each customer wants and we provide the systems and support to ensure that customers expectations are met.

Our carers or service providers like the way that we work without rushed visits  and with the support to enable them to flourish in their chosen vocation of care giving.


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For more information on how compliance integrates with our standard of care, please look at our ‘Why Choose Us‘ page.