Taking The Leap into Self Employment

Gemma has been working in the care industry as a healthcare assistant and at supervisory level since 2008. Caron and Gemma had previously worked together at two different care companies (she was even Carons supervisor at one point!)

Gemma got in contact with Caron in early 2022 to have a chat about taking the leap into self employment.

Caron explained to Gemma that she can choose her own clients, and days of work and as a busy mum of 2, that worked perfectly for Gemma’s lifestyle.

Gemma looks after clients in Totnes and the surrounding villages and has built such a great rapport with the clients and their families in such a short amount of time.


What do you like about being self employed?

  • Earning an hourly rate that is reflective of my experience
  • Being introduced to customers before I commit to their visits
  • Being able to communicate directly with the client’s families

What do you like about working with Friends Helping at Home?

  • I like that we’re not just a number. Caron really looks after her team with regular check ins.
  • I like that I can communicate directly with the client’s family and keep them informed on their loved ones well-being


Taking the leap was very scary at first, but with Caron and HQ’s support, it has worked out really well. I’m earning more per hour now than I every have done working for an employed role.

The clients I support range from companionship, shopping to personal care and meal preparation. I like the personalised service that comes with being self-employed.


The South Hams team are all great.

Gemma was initially worried about the admin side of being self employed (tax, NI etc) however, soon found that the team were able to help her ease her worries with this as they’d all been through it too. Gemma was concerned about how to cover her clients if she was off sick, but again, found the support of the South Hams team amazing and nothing is ever too much trouble. ‘We work together as a team to make sure all the clients get the care they need and deserve’. ‘We help each other out’.

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