Development through Friends Helping at Home

Friends Helping at Home believe in inspiring and assisting all our employees and our self-employed service providers to grow and develop in a way that follows their dreams and aspirations.

One of the Benefits of being an independent company with ‘Care at Heart’ is that we have the time and drive to put people first.

Our Compliance and Quality Director – Jo Craythorne is a great example of the progression that can be made through the Friends Helping at Home network when hard work and drive is applied.

Jo has just celebrated her 2 years working with Friends Helping at Home milestone.

Jo was working as a Registered Care Manager for a typical domiciliary care company. Jo became very despondent with the way that care companies were running, which resulted in her working long hours, in a very stressful environment.

Jo decided to relocate to Plymouth, she chose to have a career change as she no longer wanted a job that took so much from her. She was looking for other opportunities but then she came across Friends Helping at Home and our franchises. To begin with Jo was dubious because it was a care company again, but FHAH sounded different, with nothing else to lose she applied for the role.

The next day, Jo received a phone call from FHAH, after a couple of interviews later, she was accepted for the job as a Branch Manager!

Jo worked hard within her role as Branch Manager, proving her knowledge and capability in the care industry. Jo had always had a passion for Compliance, and it was obvious to everyone within the Friends Helping at Home network that was her calling. Jo was then given the Role of Compliance and Quality Director.

“After 2 years, I am still with FHAH and love my job and going to work each day; something that I never thought I would say”.

– Jo Craythorne, Compliance and Quality Director

Progression is not always about moving up in employment, progression also covers a happy work life balance, if you are in a role which you are loving, gaining more freedom, and working around your own personal schedule – then this is also job progression.

This is the case for many of our Self-employed Service Providers, for a first-hand experience of this, please check out our previous blog;
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