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Training that ensures high standards in at-home care

Deborah Cox, First Aid, Health & Safety and Social Care Training expert is a new Associate, and Non-Executive Director at Friends Helping at Home.

Deborah is on hand to provide an ongoing training resource for Friends Helping at Home.

Andrew Richardson, Managing Director: “We are delighted with the growth in the business, attracting some of the best care professionals whose vocation and passion is caring for people in their own home. We’re now building a bigger network and looking after more customers in four branches, covering: Newton Abbot, Plymouth, Torbay and Totnes.”

Quality training for carers in Devon

Deborah Cox, who owns Amplio Training, is a local Independent Training Provider based in Sidmouth, East Devon but covers all of South West England.

She specialises in bespoke First Aid, Health & Safety, Hospitality accredited courses and Health & Social Care courses in line with the latest regulations.

This includes staff induction in rest and care homes helping with improving and maintaining high standards that are expected by CQC and customers.

The partnership with Friends Helping at Home enables care and rest homes to be able to select trained care staff known to them, and consequently, to have a much higher quality and consistency.

Debbie says that “investing in people is a key enabler to an organisation’s efficiency, success and reputation ensuring a high calibre of worker, improving quality and optimising performance. Knowing that your business is compliant with the latest legislation and that staff have the information, knowledge and confidence to carry out the tasks expected of them.”

Amplio Training was formed in 2017 by Deborah Cox (BSc Hons) who has had 15 years of experience in the training industry.

“Ampilo deliver professional, adaptable programmes and induction packages to meet the needs of your business requirements.  Our experience, knowledge and commitment is reflected in the quality of our courses.”

“Training courses are thorough, interactive, engaging and fun. We use a variety of training tools and realistic scenarios to encourage discussion and learning.”

Our customers expect the best

Karen Breyley who was a professional recruiter in the care and nursing sector before launching our Torbay branch earlier this year says, “Good training is key to attaining high standards and professionalism. We’ve always been meticulous about recruitment and being able to provide our customers with a choice of fully trained carers with the highest standards.  A rigorous recruitment and registration process ensures that everyone we introduce to our customers is not only just fully trained and experienced, but the type of people that we’d want to look after us or a family member, so we’re all delighted to have access for extra training and resources on hand.”

Providing care staff for rest and care homes

Friends Helping at Home also provide care staff for Rest and Nursing homes.

We ensure that every nurse, carer or person deployed is fully inducted and has met Matron before starting work.

“Everyone we introduce to care homes has to be able to deliver and maintain the quality and consistency in providing care. There’s nothing worse than not knowing who you’re going to get, or for a carer not to know the client and their requirements.”

“Customers, whether private individuals or care homes,  get much more than qualified professionals, they get to choose the care staff that they want.” Karen Graham, an experienced nurse with over twenty years experience in the NHS and now manages our Totnes branch, continues: “flexibility, choice of carers, high quality of training are some of the many excellent things that we provide. It’s important to have access to third party professionals like Debbie Cox, to help deliver training and induction, in particular addressing some of the needs that care and rest homes have.”

Jemima Holly, Finalist of the Plymouth Community Awards 2018

Jemima Holly, a trained nurse and a Director of the Plymouth branch, is currently working with Rest home managers in her area. She says, “We do far more than just fill in the gaps in a rota. Rest homes need staff that are intergrated and work effectively as part of their team. We look forward to working with Debbie. It will be helpful to be able to have on going advice and support, in particular, where a rest home ‘needs improvement’. We offer back up as well as providing on going staffing needs.”

New branches launching

Newton Abbot branch is launching this month.

Ryan Parker is an experienced care provider and has been working with our Torbay branch in recent months.

With over 11 years of experience working for some of the largest providers, he is looking forward to working with Debbie.

“The ‘Friends’ approach is totally refreshing and what is needed in the market. It is what attracted me to working with them. We are a very strong network of professionals and all work well together, sharing best practice among the branches. Having access to ongoing training and support, within a culture that has  time  for its customers really ‘cuts the mustard’ for me!”

Your local branch manager offers a single point of contact for all your staffing needs; whether you are looking for extra help to stay living at home or rest home, we’re here to help!


Contact us for more information about the at-home care services we offer and discuss how we can help you.