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Whether you are currently employed or self-employed as a carer there are many reasons to discover why Friends Helping at Home might be the right choice for you.

We provide so much more than enabling you to make a lot more money and setting your own hours. We put you in control with the flexibility for a good work-life balance, good rewards, with help and support that you need. If you haven’t considered self-employment before, now’s the time to find out more. 

But how do you find those new clients? Or the ones that you want? How do you find self-employed carer jobs? How are you supported? So many questions: 

Let’s find out.

Can you be self-employed as a care worker?

First off, can you be a self-employed carer, or do you have to work in a residential care home, looking after dozens of people in one building?

Yes, you can become a self-employed carer if you want to look after people in their own home.

At Friends Helping at Home, we’ve made it even easier for you to become a self-employed carer.

We’ll handle all the admin and paperwork, helping you set your hourly rate, planning your personal development and training, even finding you self-employed carer jobs with clients.

How much does a self-employed carer earn UK?

The average care worker earns in the UK is £8.90 – £10 per hour, our carers earn an average of £15 and £18 per hour as a self-employed carer with Friends Helping at Home.

Plus, you won’t have to spend your precious time and money marketing to try to find self-employed jobs – we’ll do it all for you!

Is it worth being a self-employed carer?

Yes! Our self-employed carers love the flexibility of working with Friends Helping at Home.

You can set your own rate, choose your hours, and pick your clients.

Our clients want the same carers and typically you will be working with two or three other carers to provide the continuity and flexibility that is wanted.

And you know you’re getting paid your worth as a self-employed carer – we appreciate all that you do.

Plus, many of our branch managers in Torbay, Teignbridge, Plymouth, Exeter, and South Hams have worked in the care industry, so they know what it’s like, and will do what they can to make you feel valued.

How do I find self-employed care jobs? 

At Friends Helping at Home, we take all the stress out of being a self-employed carer – simply put, we find self-employed carer jobs for you.

Then we match you up with your ideal clients, taking into consideration your chosen working hours, your rate, your skills and qualifications, and your personality.

To us, care comes from the heart.

Working with clients who you enjoy spending time with can make all the difference to you working as a self-employed carer.

So whether you’re looking for self-employed live-in care jobs, self-employed carer jobs with the elderly, or self-employed care work to provide everyday support around the home, Friends Helping at Home can match you with your perfect clients.

No more frantically Googling “self-employed care jobs near me” or second-guessing the suspicious-looking self-employed live-in carer Gumtree advert.

Lots of opportunities locally 

Whether you are looking for an occasional few hours every week, or full time hours or a live in position, there are lots of opportunities.

Did you know that Friends Helping at home covers all of South Devon? We are currently looking for carers in: Ashburton, Brixham, Dawlish, Dartmouth, Exeter, Newton Abbot, Ivybridge, Marldon, Paignton, Plymouth, Plympton, Teignbridge, Totnes, Torquay, South Hams, Wembry,

Did you know that we have a very high retention rate of satisfied carers that are glad that they found “Friends”

Why not Join the Care Revolution with Friends Helping at Home, and make a difference while feeling valued for your contribution to care?

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