Stay independent with care at home in Devon

Great person-centred care starts with a call to your local Friends Helping at Home branch director, the person who will be your single point of contact to discuss everything that you need to remain living comfortably in your own home.

Caron Agatowski, Branch Owner, Friends Helping at Home South Hams

“Our customers find it refreshing that they always have the same single point of contact – me – to default to for help and advice.

After an initial phone call, I always visit so I can understand every customer’s needs before any matches and introductions are made.

Having worked in care and management for over ten years, I joined Friends Helping at Home because of the time given to helping customers, whether it’s to arrange an occasional visit or live-in 24:7 care.

Nothing is too much trouble.

Customers want choice and much more than just care.

Companionship as well as getting household chores done are important if you’re going to live well comfortably at home.”

Safety and diligence with home care in Devon

Before any introductions of potential carers can be made, the process of carers registering with us is quite rigorous.

Our onboarding process is very stringent.

A specialist at Head Office checks past work references, DBS (police checks), qualifications and training documentation, insurance as well as an interview with the Branch Director before a carer or Service Provider is deemed “fit for work”.

Our way of working demands high standards and Friends Helping at Home way of working enables carers to earn significantly more, so we can be fussy.

We only want vocational carers that bring a wealth of experience and offer a service that is safe.

Introductions are made by the branch director in the customers home.

Whether it’s for an occasional visit or a live-in situation, with one or more carers, we think that it is important that customers have a choice and know the carers and have continuity.

Our customers only have carers that are known to them.

What it’s like as a Friends Helping at Home carer

Louise H, carer, Friends Helping at Home South Hams

Louise H carer Friends Helping at Home South Hams

“I joined Friends Helping at Home South Hams because of the support and help that I receive as being part of a like-minded team.

I also have a choice as to whether I want to visit a particular customer, that’s why the initial introductory visits are important.

I also have access to the professional Friends Helping at Home network and keep my training and development up-to-date, which is also mandatory.

I like knowing that I’m part of a professional agency that allows me to be the best, gets me the work (customers) that I want and a good pay rate and is there for help when needed if I’m ill or planning a holiday.”

June T, carer, Friends Helping at Home South Hams

June T, carer Friends Helping at Home South Hams

“I love working as part of Friends Helping at Home.

I have time for my clients and take my brief from them.

Care is what I do!

I also enjoy cooking and gardening and like living in, cooking a customer’s favourite dish or spending time in the garden with them.

I take occasional days and long weekends off, so there are other carers that provide cover when I’m going to be away.

I also have a choice as a self-employed carer and wish I’d made the move to Friends Helping at Home a long time ago.”

Benefits of care at home in Devon

Sometimes, in particular, in rural parts of Devon, the alternatives when living at home becomes too much are to move into a care home.

It can be difficult to find carers to cover two or three visits a day, and live in care marginally more.

Mrs J in Thurlestone, South Hams

Mrs J Thurlestone, South Hams

“I didn’t want to lose my feeling of independence or being institutionalised.

When the family looked into live-in costs, they found that having dedicated 1:1 care and support at home was an affordable alternative to a care home.

I just love everything about Friends Helping at Home that enables me to stay living at home.

Nothing is too much trouble for Friends Helping at Home!”


Find out more about how Friends Helping at Home can help while keeping your independence with care at home in Devon.

There are a number of entitlements and options depending on status that could assist in making decisions around live-in care.

Contact your local Devon branch to find out more.