At Friends Helping at Home, we support our community and those networks that we are associated with.

This is no exception with Sam, our Managing Director, going through her paces in the final selection weekend for the 2022 Norway expedition.

For those that are passionate about supporting the military and committed to actively remembering those who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country, here’s a unique opportunity for your organisation to be part of history…

Through an expedition of Remembrance, a team of Forces Wives will become the world’s first all-female team to retrace the steps of the Heroes of Telemark – the small group of men who risked their lives to successfully sabotage Hitler’s plans to create an atomic bomb.

The Forces Wives Challenge (FWC) team will pay tribute to the men of the daring WWII Special Forces Operation by following their footsteps across Norway’s Hardangervidda Plateau – one of the wildest, most inhospitable environments on earth.

The Forces Wives community is made up of an abundance of strength, resilience and skills from the widest range of professions.

FWC sets out to translate this into high performing female teams through adventure and challenge – and what better way than in remembrance of a small team of extraordinarily resilient and brave men who risked it all to save our futures…

FWC is now looking for like-minded organisations to back them – through options that include your brand as part of this history or simply by showing support on our crowdfunding page.

Sam describes herself as a “dedicated amateur” when it comes to sport and is a keen skier and enjoys the mental challenge that these kinds of challenges present.

All of us at Friends Helping at Home wish Sam well in the coming selection round, and are thankful for those 80 years ago that made such heroic sacrifices.

We will remember them.