Self-Employment: The Path to Homeownership

This month, two of our self-employed service providers have moved into their newly owned homes!

In today’s world, many people hold misconceptions about self-employment, believing it can limit their opportunities. However, the truth is quite the opposite. Self-employment can offer you unparalleled freedom and flexibility, enabling you to reach your goals at your own pace.

The success stories of Lindsay and Bex, two of our self-employed service providers, serve as inspiring proof of this.

Lindsay’s Story

Lindsay’s Long-Held Dream

Lindsay Bailey, one of our dedicated self-employed service providers at Friends Helping at Home, is a shining example. She brings a unique background to her role, having previously been a cabaret singer with caregiving experience. Lindsay was drawn to Friends Helping at Home due to the freedom and flexibility that this role offered and she could see a potential in the money she could be earning with Friends Helping at Home.

Lindsay had always harbored the dream of owning her own home. A few years ago, she had began saving money for a deposit, but life’s other demands kept her from taking that significant step. She continued working hard and saving diligently, all while contributing her skills to Friends Helping at Home, where she had been a part of the team for several years.

The Turning Point: Seizing an Opportunity

Lindsay saw an opportunity in her self-employment journey to turn her dream into a reality. Lindsay realised that being self-employed wasn’t a roadblock to homeownership; rather, it was a powerful catalyst that allowed her to take control of her financial future.

Navigating Self-Employment Challenges

Lindsay was also aware of the requirement for a 3 years of self-employment records before she could apply for a mortgage. Although, this was a requirement she wouldn’t have encountered had she continued working for another care company in a traditional employment role, limited earnings from conventional employment wouldn’t have provided the means to secure the property she aspired to own.

Embracing a New Beginning

What’s the best thing about joining Friends Helping at Home?

That’s a tricky question! Everything, the clients, the other service providers, the ethos, everything I just absolutely love it!’

Bex’s Story

Bex’s Work Journey

Before becoming a part of Friends Helping at Home, Bex had worked in a pre-school, as a cleaner, in a café, and in a care home. Transitioning from a role in a care home to becoming a self-employed carer was a significant leap for her. This change offered her a remarkable degree of freedom and flexibility, and the work environment was notably different and much more favorable.

Bex decided to join Friends Helping at Home because her previous job had become overwhelming, leaving her with little time to maintain a healthy work-life balance. She discovered this opportunity through a recommendation, which turned out to be a pivotal moment in her career.

Embracing Self-Employment

Being self-employed was a great experience for Bex, and she initially found it quite daunting. However, as she familiarised herself with the process, she realised that it was the ideal choice for her and her family. The greatest benefit was the ability to set her working hours according to her family’s needs.

A Path to Homeownership

Bex had a clear goal in mind – owning her own house. Thanks to her involvement with Friends Helping at Home, she achieved financial stability, which enabled her to take the leap onto the property ladder. Being self-employed meant that there were no limitations on the number of hours she could work. Bex managed to balance her work by taking night shifts, allowing her to earn a living while still spending quality time with her family during the day and on weekends.

Securing a Mortgage Through Self-Employment

What’s more, after just one years books of self-employment, Bex successfully secured a mortgage. All she had to do was shop around for the best deal, and her dream of homeownership became a reality.

Embracing a New Beginning

What’s the best thing about joining Friends Helping at Home?

“I love all of the office staff, other service providers, I can call any of them for personal or work and they will always pick up the phone – It’s a massive Friends Family”



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