Leadership and Management Away Day

At Friends Helping at Home we are always looking at ways of improving, learning and developing the skills of everyone within our network; for our Head Office, one of the ways we do this is by hosting a quarterly away day.

We like to encourage everyone to explore new ideas, learn from one another, and grow together towards success.

This month’s away day was focused on Leadership and Management; we want everyone within our network to thrive. Our goal is to help everyone in our network achieve their goals and become the best managers they can be. After all, being a good manager requires great leadership skills.

This month’s away day was held at Chelston Manor and was a whole day packed full of sharing knowledge, experiences, a great lunch and fun!

To begin the day off we had a talk from James Twigger.

James Twigger ‘The Small Business Whisperer’

As a Chartered Accountant and owner of Accounting4Everything, and Unchartered Business coaching, James not only excels in his field but also believes in sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. His passion for leadership and management has led him to inspire and guide numerous businesses towards success.

James educated us on the strengths and weaknesses he faced as a manager, and how to overcome them to become a better leader.

After a round of discussion, reflecting on what we had gained from James’ leadership and management talk, and a break for lunch it was onto the next activity of the day….

The Apprentice, The Game.

A game of role playing to put their leadership to the test!

We developed a team game based on The Apprentice TV show for all our managers. The game was designed to be fun and light-hearted while giving everyone a chance to apply the skills they learned from James’ talk about management and leadership. It was an excellent opportunity for our managers to showcase their skills and put them to the test in a practical setting.

They split up into teams to develop an idea and come up with a pitch

They pitched their ideas and designs.

But unfortunately, Lord Sugar must fire one apprentice.

The joy of playing the game was matched by the valuable insights shared by Jo, Chloe and Hazel. Their feedback highlighted the strengths of the managers and areas that they could improve on.

The final task of the day

Know your Friends

This task identified that as leaders or managers, you hold the power to unlock the potential of the individuals within the Friends Helping at Home Network. By understanding their motivations and inspiring them, you can help them reach new heights. To truly manage others effectively, it’s important to consider their beliefs, values, preferences, and dislikes. With this knowledge, you can empower your team members to achieve greatness. Identifying these areas can help you become a more compassionate and effective leader.

This was the first away day for Tamar, Harvey, and Kasia, and it provided us with a good introduction to them and showcased a lot of our FHAH ethos.


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