Choosing Your Carer-min

The benefits of choosing your at-home carer

Why shouldn’t you be able to select and choose carers and providers that you would like to look after you or a family member?

There are many reasons why customers would like to book carers known to them.

Where or how should one start?

Customers recruiting their own carers and service providers can be fraught with problems.

Safety, reliability, consistency are a few of the potential pitfalls that come to mind.

Safety is paramount. Every carer should be interviewed and their background checked. This includes obtaining references from past employers, a DBS check to ensure no criminal record. Also checking and referencing any care qualifications, and ensure competence. Insurance also has to be in place.

Reliability. A carer’s past record and feedback from past employers and professionals known to them will be an indication to whether a carer will be reliable.

Consistency. Customers that have daily care will need to select more than one carer.

The Friends Helping at Home care solution

We offer an introduction service that enables customers to select the carers that they want.

We undertake all the checks.

Any carer or service provider that turns out to be unreliable is barred from our system and not introduced to customers.

Because our system enables carers and service providers that are registered with us to earn significantly more than if they were directly employed on a minimum wage by a domiciliary care company. There’s every incentive for one of our “carer friends” not to let any client down.

We provide a single point of contact, the Branch Manager, to discuss your requirements in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Should you decide to register with us, there’s no obligation on your part to book anyone that we have introduced or cost to you.

The Branch Manager will then visit and introduce the carers and service providers that you have indicated that you would like to meet.

We take time to select the best carers and service providers as our customers tend to want a range of services, such as help around the home, shopping, cleaning and cooking or driving and accompanying to events.

Getting the right help at home when needed can be stressful.

Our aim is to help you with this potentially difficult process.

The time and care that we take at an early (or recruitment) stage is time well spent, it enables us to find the right people with the skills for you.

The only obligation is to pay for the services that you have booked and used.

Carers and service providers will confirm their availability and rates directly with you.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that your budget can go much further, with the flexibility to adapt bookings to suit your requirements.


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