How We Recruit Our At-Home Carers

Recruiting passionate, qualified, friendly at-home carers in Devon

We pride ourselves on giving every customer a professional,  personable service that’s easy to use.

This is only possible with good recruitment, which enables a good, safe service.

Our service gives every customer the ability to choose and book the carers and service providers that they know, having the help around the home as and when required, as well as providing flexibility and excellent value for money.

We offer every customer a single point of contact for help and assistance at any time.

Our recruitment process

There are seven steps to finding the right people – the carers and service providers for our customers.

Our managers have the care and nursing recruitment experience and strategy to ensure high standards are maintained.

1. We meet with you

Initially, our branch manager, your personal point of contact, will meet with you.

This is to understand your requirements and the type of help that you need.

We will answer any questions and provide all the information about our services.

There’s no pressure on your part, or any long term contract or commitment.

2. We advertise

We have an experienced network of carers and service providers to draw upon.

Everyone we introduce to our customers has undergone rigorous recruitment and checking processes.

We will advertise for carers and service providers to fulfil specific jobs as required.

There is no cost to you for this service.

3. We review applications

We receive and vet every application checking past history, references, qualifications, DBS and insurance.

We only register service providers that meet our standards and code of practice.

4. We interview

We discuss customer requirements with potential candidates always looking for the best ‘matches’.

Experienced carers will have many attributes:  good cooks, keen gardeners, or share hobbies and interests.

Many of our customers are looking for companionship, people to drive them to and accompany them to events, undertake domestic tasks on an ongoing basis, so we feel that it’s worth the time to find those we think best suited for every customer.

5. We check everything

We then carry out a number of checks, including taking up references, DBS, ensuring everything stacks up such as insurance.

6. We introduce candidates 

We then make an initial, free introductory meeting/s introducing you to the carers and service providers that we think will fit with your requirements.

You then have the choice of booking who you want, when you want.

We use an easy to use booking system that enables you or your family to manage bookings.

7. We care that you’re happy

We will visit on a routine basis to ensure that you are getting the service you require and as circumstances change assist with providing additional assistance.

We put you and your family in control.


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