A Flexible Service for Every Customer

We tailor our at-home care services in Devon to suit each of our customers

With the Plymouth branch about to launch, we thought that we’d provide an account of why no two days are the same at our Torbay branch.

Our services are based on providing flexibility and support that customers want, maintaining their standard of living whilst living in the comfort of their own home.

A typical week for a customer in Torbay with 2 – 3 hours of daily help:

Routine assistance of getting up at 8.15, Ryan lets himself in at 8am prompt and makes the tea.

Then assists with waking his customer, helping with getting washed and dressed before making breakfast which changes daily depending on what Chris has requested the day before.

Whilst the routine which is never rushed, Ryan has time to spend undertaking a different task each day.

This might be clothes washing one day, ironing the next. Cleaning, dusting and vacuuming throughout or shopping.

Today, Ryan is preparing one of Chris’s favourite lunches, poached salmon and salad.

Hopefully the weather will be nice enough to sit outside later when Chris has a friend coming for lunch.

Sometimes Ryan drives Chris out to a coffee morning or attending an appointment.

Ryan is one of a small group of service providers that we have introduced.

Chris knows them all and they all know Chris’s likes and dislikes, from, shopping for the right brands, to making the tea just right!

Karen, Torbay branch manager says:

“The costs for Chris have worked out to be really competitive and Chris has the flexibility to book extra hours when needed, ‘topping up’ on the direct payments.
Customers like to be in control of who they have coming to their home to look after them.
We provide a single point of contact to understand individual requirements and do all the work, finding and introducing qualified professionals.
Customers want a safe service, that is affordable and gives them what they want.”

If you’re looking for friendly, flexible, and personalised at-home care for you or your loved one in Devon, please contact us or browse our home care services for more information.