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It’s not by chance that our franchises are growing.

We have spent the first two years reviewing and refining the ‘knowhow’: our systems that support a market led service that provides a safe way for customers to find the care and support that they need to remain living in the comfort of their own home.

During the “Covid-lockdown” we have introduced new systems and ways of working that has enabled our Head Office team to support our franchise branches that have continued to grow throughout the lock down.

Changes during Covid-19

The demand from customers for care and support services hasn’t diminished. It’s grown.

What we have seen change in the market, has been people’s natural reticence and concerns during the pandemic to have “strangers” – unknown carers sent into their homes.

This is something that we have never done!  Our customers will have the carers that have been introduced by us.

Our customers have choice and only carers known to them. If a customer doesn’t get on with a particular carer, or would like someone different, all they have to do is pick up the phone.

Every carer has to meet our criteria and the highest standards.

Everyone is checked and vetted before they can join or be ready to be introduced to a customer.

Because we don’t offer or have any rushed visits, our carers have time for their customers.

In fact, they are all able to take the precautions and will go above and beyond to provide the reassurance that customers want.

Full PPE is worn and some services, such as cleaning and other domestic duties can be provided with social distancing.

We need and expect everyone to be meticulous with their approach and encourage customers or their families to raise any concerns with the local Branch Manager before anything becomes an issue.

Our franchise branches enjoy extra support, having established our own in-house team of professional recruiters in April this year.

During the initial part of the lock down, branch directors couldn’t meet prospective carers for interviews or indeed go out to meet customers.

All carer recruitment is now done centrally which provides an extra layer of due diligence and reassurance.

“Teams” interviews are recorded on line and the on-boarding process has become paperless with data held securely.

This has provided our franchise owners more time to be able to focus on customer service.

Branch managers continue provide customers with a single point of contact to discuss care and support requirements that they need.

Branch managers spend time responding on behalf of Adult Social Care or NHS teams needing help to find carers for people to return home safely from hospital.

Karen Breyley, Franchise owner and Branch Manager in Torbay, recalls that she had a client who a blocked drain and couldn’t get any tradesperson to come out:

“Fortunately we had a support worker who could respond and did so the same day. The client was only charged for an hour. We couldn’t leave her without being able to use her kitchen sink!
All sorts of tasks had to continue, in spring customers often need their grass cut and gardens attended to. We had requests for shopping and other tasks.
It seems that we got a lot busier with customers needing extra help just as the world seemed to go into hibernation!”

Help and Support

We had to ensure that our systems were efficient and safe to enable our services to continue and respond to our customers need for extra help at home.

Donna Barnes joined the Team in March and set up our central recruitment and IT systems including a new phone system.

Donna is our Chief Operating Officer and Grace Pariser joined the Team as a Recruitment Specialist to help with our growing demand for quality carers.

Regular team meetings are held and the Operations or “Ops” Team has grown to respond to being able to support franchise owners develop their business.

The business of training and supporting branches has to continue.

Steph Alexander, franchise owner of the Exeter branch joined us during the lock down, where we were able to conduct interviews, sign contracts and provide an extensive induction all remotely, putting our systems to the test.

Fancy the challenge of growing your own profitable business?

We have established branches fully operational in Exeter, Plymouth, Teignbridge and Torbay.

There are always opportunities for carers and support or vocational workers with a proven track record to join our growing teams.

We’re now looking for people to partner with us to grow and develop our network of branches with a proven, successful, sustainable business model that’s market led.

Get in touch if you would like a Prospectus or find out more about an exciting, ethical opportunity that provides a much needed, recession-proof service.

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