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Friends family

When people see the Friends family they see the brand. They like what they see. They like the way that we put our clients in control. They have choice. Freedom to set their availability, the rates charged and have time to establish a great relationship with those that need care and support to remain living at home. Enabling carers to be valued and supported, not least to be able to earn their true value, one of the reasons for our success. We retain the vocational care givers that we would want for ourselves or loved ones!

Those needing care and support and their families love being able to have choice and a safe way of arranging the care and support that is needed. Flexibility and continuity of only knowing the service providers that will all have been, vetted, matched and introduced to them that can be changed to suit as requirements change make us refreshingly different!

Our ethical approach means that good things that are care and support related in the home do happen!

Sustainable growth

We have created a sustainable business model, an environment to grow an ethical business based on the premise of respecting the needs of every stakeholder. We feel that this approach makes us unique and a key reason why we attract and retain a network of highly professional self employed care givers. Many of our service providers have been with us since our launch in 2018, we have an exceptionally high retention rate that makes our business model sustainable.

This means that we can take the time to focus and build without the pressures normally associated with a revolving door of carers which sadly is too typical in the sector. When a new branch (area, or territory) opens, it’s able to build on a strong base with support from its neighbouring established branches with tried and tested systems.

In 2021 we engaged a specialist IT developer with successful experience of delivering systems for NHS, practices and SME professionals to develop our own bespoke software. The software enables all the behind the scenes stuff to seamlessly happen: everything connected to the management of an individual carer’s diary, to record keeping and access to notes, reconciling client payments, client bank account and agency fees, to name but a few. All compliant with the various regulatory requirements: CQC, IR-35 HMRC, GDPR data management to name. All this doesn’t replace any of the personal touch of the Friends HQ

team that support the branch managers and owners but enable us to effectively grow our network and business – bringing our network of registered service providers and users who need the care and support, together in the Friends way.

We have been growing at about 30% year on year. There are now over 6 franchised branches and scope to launch more, however, just as our approach to how care in the home should be provided, our approach to franchising is totally different! We only want to do this with the right people where there’s a mutual fit.

Not different for the sake of being different…

We are looking for individuals that see the difference that Friends make in the local community and would like to be part of that expansion.

Our approach is people centred and for those who the “F” or Friends factor. Shared values and skill sets experiences that translate into you in a new branch or territory being successful.

Tailored for you to become part of us

We deliberately do not have a prospectus. Each opportunity for the development of a new branch or territory is carefully determined: you (skills and background), is there a fit, resourcing requirements, demographics, feasibility study and lots of planning before launching and following what we know works.

We have identified three types of franchise offer, subject to contract:


Typically for those under 30 maybe without capital or feeling that their career is plateauing, an impressive life story to date that suggests the motivation, values and skill set to get on and achieve managing and growing a new branch with the right help and support.

Owner Practitioner

Loves working in their branch and developing local networks having come from a similar employed role or career change.

Investor franchise

Capital to invest and employ a branch manager from the outset, no day-to-day involvement, other than oversight and adding to the Friends vision.

At a feasibility stage we would determine with you the level of investment and return needed and the various options before developing an offer that suits both parties.


Next steps

If you the sound of what we do, why not contact us for an informal conversation?

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