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How to choose your at-home carer

You should be able to choose the care professionals that provide your at-home care.

It is, however, a difficult question most care providers would care not to have to answer.

They know that it is what every customer would like, but one that is rarely offered.

So, “Can I choose the carers and help that I want?”

The simple answer is – yes you can, with Friends Helping at Home!

Here are some questions to ask your potential care provider

Can I:

  • Choose the carers that my care company provide?
  • Choose the times that I want homecare visits?
  • Have the continuity of service with the same carers known to me?
  • Have the flexibility to change the hours?
  • Get other jobs done – e.g. washing up, cleaning, shopping?
  • Have a single point of contact to help me plan – as my circumstances change?
  • Top up on my direct payments?

If you ask us we can say YES to all of the above.

Are you getting the personalised care you deserve?

It costs you nothing to arrange a free initial visit to discuss your requirements.

It costs you nothing for us to introduce prospective Friends Helping at Home carers and support workers to discuss what you might need to remain living in the comfort of your own home.

Contact us now and find out how arranging care needn’t be a chore!