Homemade Simnel Cake

I recently had a conversation with Steph Alexander, Exeter Branch Director about some lovely, unsolicited feedback that Steph received from a new customer’s family: Mrs M loved that she and her family had been introduced to carers before the first planned visit.

They liked knowing who was coming through the door and that, we did exactly what we offer: a safe choice that puts care at the very heart of everything we do.

Steph said, “We always try to match our carers with our customers and encourage a social element to visits, with interests and activities that really do add a zest to life at a time when people need care and support in their own homes. Often the carer is the only person that the customer sees that day, so it’s important for general wellbeing and improved mental health that every customer has choice and flexibility without the need for rushed visits. We have carers who like to engage with their customers, whether that’s baking or potting up plants, it’s all the extra things beyond personal care that make a difference in how our customers feel about their day.”

The customer’s family wrote to Steph to say how refreshing it was to see “gran beaming” again and that she looked forward to her daily visits.

Yesterday they made a cake which the family enjoyed when they came to visit. Mrs M said that she thought her cake making days were over and was delighted when the carer said, “I love baking”, and Mrs M said, “I’ve got an old Simmel cake recipe I used to make when my children were at school.”.

When it comes to care, who says you can’t have your cake and eat it!