So you think Care should be done differently?

The provision and delivery of social care is in the news on a daily basis. Sadly, it’s rarely a good news story. The pattern is all too familiar: overstretched, stressed staff, running from rushed visit to rushed visit, with insufficient time to make a positive difference. Those receiving care so often don’t know the carers that are being sent, and visits are often late. Families reliant on social care will know and share these frustrations.

Care needn’t be this way!

We established Friends Helping at Home to do things differently, the way that we would want care provided for ourselves or a loved one.

Care at Heart

We have always put care at the heart of everything we do. At the very start of our journey we have insisted that those giving care must be those doing so because its vocational, rewarding and sustainable.  We set out to engage with those that can provide excellence, good care experience and a genuine passion to make a positive difference to those receiving care.

We have enabled professional care-givers to earn significantly more, whilst providing our customers with the time, choice, value for money, safety and continuity of care that they need. This should be norm, not the exception!

All of our customers, or service users and their families have a single point of contact: a local branch manager to be on hand to discuss initial requirements, and to be there to react to changing needs and maintain an ongoing an important relationship. Our local branch mangers are there to help coordinate and take the stress away from finding continuity of safe reliable care and support that’s flexible as requirements change.

We have never advocated rushed visits and know that extra help and support are also needed to remain living comfortably at home. This includes provision of extra help with light domestic duties such as: shopping, cleaning, cooking, and occasional chores such as changing light bulbs or getting the grass cut. Every customer is different and so are their requirements.

We also understand that being able to give the time with unrushed visits are needed as well as having familiar faces. Every customer has a choice of carer known to them and will have been introduced by the Branch Manager, so those receiving care and support always have choice with care-professionals known to them.

Pre Covid-19 picture. Karen Breyley, Torbay Branch Manager says, “Its important that every customer receiving care knows and has continuity with the carers and that they know. It’s being able to do the the little things that are important, such as making tea in a favourite cup and having time for a chat.  I now meet wearing PPE and I have “Zoom-calls” with family members most days when we’re asked to increase packages, or make arrangements for returns from hospital. Good care and support means living well at home and less (returns) hospital admissions.”

Career Opportunities

It’s a good news story, that, back in March of this year at the start of the Covid-19 crisis, the government asked for 250,000 volunteers to step forward to help those isolated needing help with the “basics” such as collecting and delivering prescriptions or food deliveries. At least 750,000 came forward. This showed that at the start of the lock-down, when it seemed that most of normal life hit the pause-button, many reflected on what was important to them: concern for those more vulnerable than themselves, wanting to do something to help. Social care and the issues associated with isolation were headline news.

This has been a  time for many to consider career options, as normality and new constraints will have forged a “new normal”, changing the way we want to work. We have been able to maintain “service as normal” throughout and our business has been steadily growing, we opened a new branch serving the Exeter area in May this year.

Our way of working has meant that we have been able to attract the best carers. We have a 90%+ carer retention rate and we have well established working relationships with the NHS and Adult Social Care teams.

We also have opportunities for those with “business” skill-sets and management experience to join us to open and manage a local branch as part of our small and growing franchise network. We will only build the business based on attracting the right people and provide the systems and support for professionals to develop a worthwhile and rewarding business.

 Join Us in the Care Revolution!

We’d like to hear from you if you think care should be delivered differently, have a genuine interest in what we do and maybe looking for a better career opportunity.

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