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Time to work with people who have care at heart?

This Spring, we all lost control over our lives.

Sam Stuart-Hill, Deputy Managing Director, shares her insights.

We’ve been apart, we’ve been away from family, school and work – it couldn’t have been more removed from the norm.

Despite all this, we at Friends Helping at Home have been flooded with positives, especially with the incredible efforts from our key workers, not in the least our wonderful, dedicated carers.

Covid-19 has made us reflect on many things, one important thing for me has been control.

I am proud that in our work throughout this time of national crisis, we have been able to provide continuity and comfort to our clients and families around the South West.

I ask myself, where have we managed to pull this from and the answer it seems is simple – self-employment; with all the flexibility and freedom that it brings.

At Friends Helping at Home, we only work with self-employed carers.

This offers them a unique ability to remain in control.

By having the ability to set their own rates and hours our carers have remained in control and will continue to remain in control of their work going forward.

There are no rushed visits. Less stress.

Our clients love that too.

And they love knowing who’s going to come through the door.

We have empowered our carers through our experienced Branch Directors, to enable them to adjust as necessary, reducing or increasing care packages so they can put their families first.

When you have the ability to set your own rates of pay, guided by our experts in care, you can take control of your earnings.

You create a professional world that you can control.

We have invested and developed a partnership so that you can be in control of your training using an eLearning platform that you can access at any time.

It is for these reasons, I believe that we have maintained the absolute quality of care for those who need it most; for maintaining the precious gift of a work-life balance is when you can provide the best care possible.

Professional, valued caregivers: could this be you?

Three of our fabulous carers ready to go!

It is thought-provoking how, as humans, we all need this seven letter word to feel comfortable – so what about our clients?

How does offering control bring this Holy Grail of comfort at home?

What does taking on a self-employed carer mean?

It means that you maintain control of your options.

We can provide a choice of skilled and experienced professionals to support you.

But what if you don’t get on?

Control means that you can let us know and we’ll make a new introduction so your feelings are at the heart of your care.

What if I want to have more or less support?

You’re in control of increasing or decreasing your support at any time.

I’m scared of losing control of my finances!

Our experienced Branch Directors can support you in negotiating a rate that makes you and your carer happy.

By maintaining control of this through such a turbulent time you can trust that you will be comfortable at home.

Covid-19 continues to be a learning experience for us all.

Our unique mixture of experience as Head Office and Branch teams means that we can provide experts in business, finance, tax, recruitment, training and most importantly care.

All are on hand virtually so we can be apart together.

Even in life after Covid-19, we will continue to maintain control through providing outstanding self-employment opportunities because at the heart of it all – We Care.

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