Time to Look for At-Home Care-min

Time to receive good care and help at home

This week we were asked how quickly we could provide carers.

There were quite a few unknowns to this request.

We didn’t know how many hours per day, where or when.

We understand that customers don’t always know what they want when making an initial, tentative enquiry, or know what’s available in terms of help.

Receiving good care and help at home is something that just doesn’t happen.

We know that high standards and matched expectations are the results of good planning and selection.

There are also potential risks to those who meet someone “nice” or “recommended” and recruit without undertaking extensive insurance, DBS, checks and references.

We don’t just provide anyone.

We want you to have the choice of carers that you will have met before they deliver any service.

We offer “tried and tested”, reliable professionals who would know you, your likes and dislikes.

Our carers and support workers will also clean, cook, shop, drive, whatever you need.

To date, the average time between an initial meeting with a customer and being able to make a deployment has been around two weeks.

Sometimes, we have had people available immediately for the occasional hour, but sometimes it’s taken a lot longer to recruit – up to a month, to be able to match customers’ requirements.

Ideally, we will have had a conversation with a customer and their family in advance.

You can contact us to ask questions or discuss your requirements at any time, without any obligation on your part.

When you think that you might be needing some extra help at home, that’s a good time to contact us for an initial conversation.

Current care issues? Time to switch.

You may currently be receiving care from a traditional domiciliary care provider that you are not completely happy with.

Inconsistent service?

Late or no shows?

Unknown carers?

Not getting tasks done such as the washing up, cleaning and other routine tasks done as part of a daily visit?



These are some of the issues we have helped resolve for our customers when they have given their current provider notice and have switched to us!

Our service is designed to be always customer-focused and customer-led.

Our system ensures that only the best are deployed and booked.

We put you in control, with your choice of who you would like to book.

That means in practice 100% reliability.

You won’t experience carers that you don’t know or have to start each day as if it were day one.

Time to plan ahead

Respite can be planned for such as a return home from elected surgery, although we appreciate that that can also change if an operation is postponed at the last minute.

For our part, we like to be as flexible as possible and respond as possible.

Remember, it takes times for good recruitment – interviewing, checking references, (DBS) insurance.

The right people aren’t always available at the right time.

At Friends Helping at Home, we already have a bank which we are continually adding to, of experienced carers, support workers which means that sometimes there is spare capacity, that some carers and support workers may be available when you need them.

You might need some occasional help around the home, help with routine chores: gardening, shopping, cleaning, cooking, washing and ironing, or some driving, a day out, some companionship, before needing any care on a daily basis.

Stress-free, customer-focused process

Do you ever waste time waiting for people to get back to you?

Or have unnecessary stress when you’re kept in the dark?

We provide every customer with a single point of contact.

A real person.

Someone to manage your expectations from day one.

Someone who can help you get the people you need when you need help at home.

You won’t be dealing with a faceless call centre or computer but someone experienced in recruitment care and enabling services.

With our approach, you don’t have to start each day as if it were day one!

Contact us today to find out more about our at-home care services in Devon.