Peace of mind: The Friends Standard. 

In the midst of the Covid19 pandemic,  arranging care has naturally become a great concern for those shielding but still needing to arrange care. Most domiciliary care companies will often send “strangers”, carers that are unknown to their clients.  Our way of working is totally different. Our clients only receive visits for their personal care and extra help around the home, from care-professionals that we have introduced to you.   Our clients only receive un-rushed visits form those known to them.

Karen, our Torbay Branch Manager says: “Clients can be as fussy as they want about who they have in their home. I wear PPE masks, gloves when I visit a customer to introduce a carer. We social distance and wipe (disinfect) door handles, even the furniture as we leave. Whatever is needed to reassure them. The carers registered with us are equally fussy, if that’s the term to use, it’s their career, and we all want to ensure that everyone feels safe – and is safe! There’s regular key worker testing and ensuring that literally, contact with the outside world is minimal, following best practice. The feedback that we have had from customers has been really fantastic. Some customers took a break when we first went into lock-down in March, and returned when things were starting to be eased and realised that we were able to work around their requirements, being ultra careful.”

Extra help around the home can be of course be social distanced, such as cleaning or delivering the shopping or preparing a meal.

Donna based in the Plymouth branch adds, “Because we don’t ever have rushed customer visits, there’s time to ensure that no corners are cut. Our standard is that the correct PPE and precautions are always taken.”

We certainly don’t want anyone not have personal care or extra help and support that they need to live in their own  home because of their “Covid concerns”.

We will always be pleased to discuss requirements and concerns without any pressure or obligation on your part.

Our branches cover the whole of South Devon and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements whether you need an occasional, daily visit or live in care. You can contact us on: 0333 202 71 71 or by email and we will arrange for a local branch manager – your single point of contact to call you back.